Multipurpose anti-skid rule


  • Inventors: YICHU WANG
  • Assignees: 王贻楚
  • Publication Date: September 05, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2445871-Y


The utility model relates to a multipurpose anti-skid rule, which belongs to the drawing measuring instrument, particularly a tool rule which is suitable for working on a smooth plane. The utility model is characterized in that a piece of rubber flat plate material is pasted on a rule face bottom, such as a common T-square or a ruler or a curved plate, etc. The multipurpose anti-skid rule utilizes the characteristic of the big friction coefficient of rubber material, and the multipurpose anti-skid rule can not move when used for drawing and marking. When people draw by a pen, the edge of the multipurpose anti-skid rule has the function of preventing ink leakage. In addition, the multipurpose anti-skid rule utilizes the characteristic of rubber adsorption, the utility model can be used for replacing fingers for turning book pages. The multipurpose anti-skid rule is sanitary and convenient.




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