Rotary opening-closing lock



The utility model relates to a rotary opening-closing lock, which comprises a moving ring 1, a ring seat 2, and blocking sheet 3. The moving ring 1 is arranged at the part of the outer end face of the ring seat, and the moving ring 1 can be connected in a rotating and moving mode. The blocking sheet 3 is arranged in a shaft seat of the ring seat by a rotating shaft of the blocking sheet. The blocking sheet is provided with a half concave hole. The moving ring 1 is provided with an upright post, and a main post is arranged in the half concave hole. When the moving ring is rotated, the upper side or the lower side of the half concave hole are pushed by the upright post of the moving ring, and the blocking sheet is rotated so that the opening and the closing can be realized. The rotating angle of the moving ring is beta. The lock has the advantages that the structure is simple, the fabrication is simple, the cost is low, the effect is reliable, the utility model can be used for wide objects, such as toys, etc., and the blocking effect can be realized.




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