Lift clothes airer


  • Inventors: YUANGEN YAO
  • Assignees: 姚沅根
  • Publication Date: May 23, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2431302-Y


The utility model relates to a lift clothes airer, which comprises embedded boxes, a wire cable, a connecting rod, airing rods and a pull rope. The utility model is characterized in that two embedded boxes fixed on the top of a balcony and connected by the connecting rod, the inside of each embedded box is provided with a reel and a pulley, and the inside of one embedded box is provided with a ratchet, a return spring and a locking device. The airing rods are a rod rack which is composed of four airing rods distributed evenly on a baffle plate, and the wire cable winds the reel, and then is educed by the pulley to connect an airing rod rack. The utility model is used portably and saves labor, and people only need pull the pull rope to drive the rotation of the ratchet and the reel, which causes that the wire cable pull the clothes airer to rise and lower.




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