Visible light semiconductor laser training bullets and multipurpose receiver


  • Inventors: HONGWEI HUA
  • Assignees: 华宏伟
  • Publication Date: March 21, 2001
  • Publication Number: CN-2424442-Y


The utility model relates to a visible light semiconductor laser training bullet and a multipurpose receiver thereof. The visible light semiconductor laser bullet is composed of a bullet sleeve, a bullet shell, a focusing mirror, a focusing spring, a focusing seat, a laser tube, a laser emission circuit board, a power supply spring, a power supply battery pack, an insulation film, an insulation seat, a firing pin, a firing pin spring and a bullet base seat which are arranged in the bullet shell. The multipurpose receiver is composed of a box body, a sensitization disk, a power supply battery pack, a power supply spring, a laser receiving circuit board, a combined tool, a front and a back cover boards, etc. Using the utility model to make shooting training can save bullets, and can clearly aim at whether or not accurate and enhance training effect.




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