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GB-9126294-D0: Heterocyclic derivatives patent, GB-9126643-D0: In-car litter receptacle patent, GB-9126975-D0: Insect controlling device and composition for use therewith patent, GB-9127145-D0: (-)-((4-(1,4,5,6-tetrahydro-4-methyl-6-oxo-3-pyridazinyl)-phenyl)hydrazono)propanedinitrile patent, GB-9127261-D0: Electrical plug device patent, GB-9127415-D0: Solid support bound detection and diagnostic system patent, GB-9200006-D0: A driven free wheel patent, GB-9201029-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-9202748-D0: Emergency escape/ventilator hatch patent, GB-9203718-D0: A bearing for an internal combustion engine patent, GB-9203930-D0: Method of manufacturing a printed wiring board patent, GB-9204216-D0: An image display device patent, GB-9205398-D0: Nib units for pens patent, GB-9205660-D0: A spatial light modulator assembly patent, GB-9206901-D0: Electronic register patent, GB-9207135-D0: Improvements relating to case for cassettes and discs patent, GB-9209345-D0: Loudspeakers patent, GB-9209445-D0: A rate sensor having an electro magnetic drive patent, GB-9210775-D0: Cosmetic compositions patent, GB-9211383-D0: An artboard patent, GB-9212419-D0: Recombinant dna method patent, GB-9212449-D0: Determination device for use in sorting objects,especially fruits patent, GB-9213179-D0: An apparatus and method for varying a signal in a transmitter of a transceiver patent, GB-9213534-D0: Closure for container patent, GB-9214206-D0: Automatic document feeders for copying machines and method for automatically controlling such patent, GB-9214761-D0: Composite sheet material patent, GB-9214773-D0: Compounds patent, GB-9215271-D0: Protective coatings patent, GB-9215916-D0: Wheel alignment measurement system patent, GB-9216055-D0: Numerical identification system patent, GB-9216072-D0: Apparatus and method for placing and for backwashing well fitraltrion devices in uncased well bores patent, GB-9216517-D0: Pyrotechnic sheet material patent, GB-9216538-D0: Tablet dispenser patent, GB-9219004-D0: Basic acridine compounds patent, GB-9219052-D0: Spacer and mouthpiece for adjusting occlusion patent, GB-9219290-D0: Improvements in/or relating to organic compounds patent, GB-9219428-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-9219913-D0: Ice molding device and method patent, GB-9220048-D0: Fluid meters and pumps patent, GB-9220082-D0: Concrete wet curing panel system patent, GB-9220437-D0: Safety lawn dart patent, GB-9220537-D0: Spray nozzle for mining patent, GB-9222030-D0: Assembling apparatus for nuclear fuel assembly patent, GB-9222501-D0: Tank for use in water recycling apparatus,etc patent, GB-9222816-D0: Holder/carrier for flanged or chimed containers patent, GB-9222836-D0: Improvements in or relating to joints for connecting together hollow frame members patent, GB-9222873-D0: A medical device patent, GB-9223286-D0: Cigarette manufacture patent, GB-9226473-D0: Scraper apparatus for cylindrical tanks patent, GB-9226882-D0: Supermarket trolly patent, GB-9300662-D0: Marking instrument patent, GB-9302450-D0: Cumputer aided design system patent, GB-9302936-D0: Coating system patent, GB-9303140-D0: Engine cleaning apparatus patent, GB-9303187-D0: Plotter drum and methods of fabrication and alignment therefor patent, GB-9303581-D0: Detection apparatus and method patent, GB-9303971-D0: Filtration patent, GB-9304757-D0: A process for preparing 1-(/2s/-methyl-3-mercapto-prop-ionyl)0pyrrolidine-/2s/-carboxylic acid patent, GB-9305828-D0: Food dispensing system patent, GB-9305986-D0: Machine vision systems patent, GB-9306174-D0: Ultrasonic cleaning patent, GB-9306194-D0: An alignment system patent, GB-9306824-D0: Rotating electrical machines patent, GB-9306917-D0: Fixing a staw to a round drinks can patent, GB-9307311-D0: Motor vehicle window aperture infill arrangement patent, GB-9307481-D0: Production of bis (fluoromethyl) ether and difluoromethane patent, GB-9307767-D0: Pictorial interactive database updated by quick transmission patent, GB-9308293-D0: Feed device for headed fasteners patent, GB-9308378-D0: A book production process patent, GB-9308902-D0: Method facilitating the introduction of a piercing rod into a taphole of a shaft furnace and special clamp for implementing this method patent, GB-9309438-D0: Elastomer with outstanding characteristics for use in making tire tread compounds patent, GB-9309772-D0: An eggcup patent, GB-9310736-D0: Coated electrical devices patent, US-6662497-B2: Method for providing a decorative cover for a floral grouping patent, GB-9311001-D0: Antithrombotic resin,tube,film and coating patent, GB-9312080-D0: Kiln furniture/corrosive resistant container patent, GB-9314145-D0: Pneumatic cylinder and control valve therefor patent, GB-9314542-D0: Heat shields patent, GB-9315243-D0: Clock rate matching in independent networks patent, GB-9316133-D0: Device for attachment to restraining devices used in vehicles patent, GB-9316785-D0: Light guide patent, GB-9317026-D0: Method and apparatus for treating liquids patent, GB-9317544-D0: Process for treating a suspension of solid particles in a carrier liquid patent, GB-9318112-D0: Improvements relating to bird enclosures patent, GB-9318989-D0: An artificial leg patent, GB-9320027-D0: Application of suntan or sunscreen preparations patent, GB-9320323-D0: Heat exchanger for solid-state electronic devices patent, GB-9321124-D0: Fabric shrinkage and control patent, GB-9321241-D0: Nuclear reactors patent, GB-9321354-D0: Improvements relating to trickle ventilation in timber windows of buildings patent, GB-9322936-D0: Apparatus for measuring refractive index patent, GB-9324952-D0: Servo control device patent, GB-9325045-D0: Buckle for watchband patent, GB-9325104-D0: New cephem compounds patent, GB-9325647-D0: Intra-ocular lens patent, GB-9325707-D0: A gas turbine engine combustion chamber patent, GB-9325855-D0: Toughened thermoset polyesters patent, GB-9326466-D0: Thrust reverser control mechanism patent, GB-9400328-D0: Improvements in or relating to lead shot patent, GB-9400841-D0: Packing to be used in mass transfer and/or heat exchanging tower patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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