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GB-9007169-D0: Uv(ultra-violet ray)tester/measurer system arm and system patent, GB-9007547-D0: A method of voltage transformation patent, GB-9008155-D0: Castellated beams patent, GB-9009122-D0: Industrial equipment cleaning apparatus patent, GB-9009420-D0: Printers patent, GB-9009706-D0: Self equalising lifting device patent, GB-9010417-D0: Gas/liquid transfer device patent, GB-9010616-D0: Sign alteration system patent, GB-9010844-D0: Wheelchair patent, GB-9011149-D0: Inorganic oxide resins for internal oxidation inhibition of carbon-carbon composites patent, GB-9012463-D0: Drying apparatus/method patent, GB-9012659-D0: Cell growth regulating preparations patent, GB-9012767-D0: Remote protection of three phase distribution transformers patent, GB-9012790-D0: Food storage patent, GB-9012842-D0: Fuel injection nozzles patent, GB-9012847-D0: Combination type flush-toilet patent, GB-9013271-D0: Baggage to passenger and baggage weight reconciliation process patent, GB-9013772-D0: Refractory materials and precursor materials therefor patent, GB-9013892-D0: Dummy/trim dac for capacitor digital-to-analog converter patent, GB-9013929-D0: Cleaner for cassette player recorder machines patent, GB-9014009-D0: Method of inspecting constant-velocity joint patent, GB-9014181-D0: Stretch wrapping of a horizontal beam patent, GB-9014240-D0: Gold alloy for black cloloring, processed article of black colored gold alloy and method for production of the processed article patent, GB-9014987-D0: An electric machine for a motor vehicle patent, GB-9015868-D0: Cord operated farm gate latch patent, GB-9016135-D0: Optical sensors patent, GB-9016347-D0: Electrostatic spraying device and method patent, GB-9016598-D0: Traction system earth fault protection patent, GB-9016851-D0: A kit for detecting coliform bacteria patent, GB-9018162-D0: Improvements in or relating to discharge apparatus patent, GB-9018383-D0: Insulation material patent, GB-9018597-D0: A display kit patent, GB-9018949-D0: Apparatus for advance edge detection patent, GB-9019084-D0: Containers for packaging patent, GB-9020254-D0: Combined handle and lid securer for boxes patent, GB-9021072-D0: Precipitated calcium carbonate patent, GB-9021969-D0: Apparatus for extracting energy from an oscillating energy source patent, GB-9021972-D0: Telephone handset patent, GB-9022814-D0: Multi layer film patent, GB-9022896-D0: Improvements in or relating to compressors patent, GB-9023217-D0: Security plug patent, GB-9023675-D0: Sheet counting machine patent, GB-9023698-D0: Polymerisable compositions patent, GB-9023804-D0: Device for orally administrating a liquid patent, GB-9024301-D0: Improvements in or relating to road vehicles patent, GB-9024772-D0: Flow rate control valve patent, GB-9025127-D0: Polymeric foams patent, GB-9025597-D0: Arc ignition system for a welding gun and a method of operation patent, GB-9025890-D0: Pharmaceutical compounds patent, GB-9026078-D0: Printing patent, GB-9026773-D0: New compositions of matter patent, GB-9100478-D0: Obturator arrangement for a gun patent, GB-9100771-D0: Method of manufacturing absorbent articles patent, GB-9101108-D0: Improvements relating to dispensers patent, GB-9101241-D0: Compounds patent, GB-9101514-D0: Portable bottle container patent, GB-9101583-D0: A system for testing pregnancy and oestrus in animals patent, GB-9102104-D0: Non-contacting transaction system patent, GB-9102432-D0: Process and apparatus for producing a nonwoven web patent, GB-9102839-D0: Stabiliser system for vehicles patent, GB-9102938-D0: Polariser arrangement patent, GB-9103768-D0: Educational apparatus patent, GB-9104952-D0: Electrodeposition of lithium patent, GB-9105287-D0: Artificial digit patent, GB-9105538-D0: Alert device for a motor vehicle patent, GB-9106576-D0: Semiconductor memory devices patent, GB-9107904-D0: Pitch and roll control for vehicles without damped suspension patent, GB-9108004-D0: Pyramid staging patent, GB-9109354-D0: Cyclone separator patent, GB-9109782-D0: Vehicle manoeuvring device patent, GB-9110980-D0: Conveyors patent, GB-9111876-D0: Jacking device patent, GB-9112318-D0: Fibre reinforced plastic composites patent, GB-9112539-D0: Medicaments patent, GB-9113205-D0: Fluid pressure control valves patent, GB-9115762-D0: Dyes patent, GB-9115807-D0: Protective sole plate patent, GB-9115954-D0: Motor car automatic recessed back-lash restraint patent, GB-9116264-D0: User configurable fish lure and mount patent, GB-9116415-D0: Scoops and blanks for forming scoops patent, GB-9116828-D0: Method and apparatus for removing grout and mortar patent, GB-9116907-D0: Sulphur removal process patent, GB-9117400-D0: Improvements in or relating to trailers patent, GB-9117563-D0: Method for the preparation of crystalline lithium diisopropylamide patent, GB-9118052-D0: Foam coated with silicone rubber patent, GB-9118783-D0: Folding pushchair patent, GB-9119405-D0: Device and method for remotely lowering a load suspended by ropes patent, GB-9119842-D0: Aspirator apparatus patent, GB-9122623-D0: Pharmaceuticals patent, GB-9123030-D0: Improvements in or relating to organic compounds patent, GB-9123279-D0: Dressing packs patent, GB-9123631-D0: Play apparatus patent, GB-9124239-D0: Target assembly patent, GB-9124509-D0: Compost bins patent, GB-9124511-D0: Ethylene elastomer compounds having good processability and ageing properties patent, GB-9124974-D0: Electrical apparatus patent, GB-9125492-D0: Thermal printer patent, GB-9125552-D0: Cable management patent, GB-9125984-D0: Balloon catheter patent, GB-9126149-D0: A lock for a thrust reverser mechanism and a thrust reverser mechanism including a lock patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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