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GB-8624975-D0: Dressings patent, GB-8625459-D0: Reset relay unit patent, GB-8625649-D0: Pharmacologically active compounds patent, GB-8626366-D0: Board game patent, GB-8626519-D0: Herbicidal compounds patent, GB-8627218-D0: Treatment of mineral slurries patent, GB-8627889-D0: Function generators patent, GB-8628251-D0: Weighing scales patent, GB-8628269-D0: Safety cabinets patent, GB-8700270-D0: Pane guide patent, GB-8701578-D0: Supercharging i c engines patent, GB-8701596-D0: Laminated substrate patent, GB-8701673-D0: Disposable toilet seat cover patent, GB-8701723-D0: Call barring apparatus patent, GB-8702208-D0: Extruded punch patent, GB-8702714-D0: Impedance t-attenuator patent, GB-8703936-D0: Pvc skirting board trim patent, GB-8704319-D0: Golf practice strip patent, GB-8704321-D0: Packaging patent, GB-8704611-D0: Feed mechanism patent, GB-8704701-D0: Printing hammer device patent, GB-8705787-D0: Dental gypsum compositions patent, GB-8706452-D0: Securing apparatus patent, GB-8706655-D0: Quantitative gas analysis patent, GB-8707922-D0: Sewage pumping station patent, GB-8707993-D0: Air separation patent, GB-8708128-D0: Electronic drum pads patent, GB-8708953-D0: Roll-independent magnometer patent, GB-8709756-D0: Punch assemblies patent, GB-8709857-D0: Compounds patent, GB-8709882-D0: Membrane configurations patent, GB-8710190-D0: Computer-based training patent, GB-8710681-D0: Appliance for personal use patent, GB-8710896-D0: Heterocyclic compounds patent, GB-8711562-D0: Weights for fishing lines patent, GB-8711594-D0: Farmers build tank patent, GB-8711597-D0: Protection for fuel supply systems patent, GB-8712092-D0: Car wheel trolley patent, GB-8712170-D0: Safety system patent, GB-8712188-D0: Sign boards patent, GB-8712227-D0: Variable ratio gear patent, GB-8712290-D0: Stock limiter apparatus patent, GB-8712645-D0: Interconnecting rotary & reciprocatory motion patent, GB-8712822-D0: Twin tier tray package patent, GB-8713393-D0: Moisture separator patent, GB-8713887-D0: Heat exchanger patent, GB-8714015-D0: Recording/reproducing control signal patent, GB-8714102-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-8714901-D0: Amide derivatives patent, GB-8716453-D0: Diving communications aid patent, GB-8717531-D0: Horticultural device patent, GB-8717578-D0: Communication cables patent, GB-8718108-D0: Petroleum catalysts patent, GB-8718775-D0: Skid-controlled brake system patent, GB-8719491-D0: Structures patent, GB-8720352-D0: Electrical connection pin patent, GB-8721899-D0: Heating control system patent, GB-8722077-D0: Magic peg-ring patent, GB-8722808-D0: Heat sensitive diazo recording material patent, GB-8723627-D0: Generator patent, GB-8724056-D0: Screening for hearing loss patent, GB-8725331-D0: Blind supporting track assembly patent, GB-8726087-D0: Digital display apparatus patent, GB-8726558-D0: Heat exchangers patent, GB-8726677-D0: Telecommunications digital switch patent, GB-8727621-D0: Vitamin compositions patent, GB-8727982-D0: Input-output circuitry for semiconductor memory device patent, GB-8728983-D0: Self-propelled spraying vehicle patent, GB-8729143-D0: Improvements in ashtrays patent, GB-8729907-D0: Fluid-filled power unit mount patent, GB-8730062-D0: Semiconducting thin films patent, GB-8800071-D0: Removable lifting & blanking pins patent, GB-8800387-D0: Centrifugal pump patent, GB-8800522-D0: Medical article comprising germanium patent, GB-8800741-D0: Clutch actuator system for automatic/semi-automatic mechanical transmission system patent, GB-8800753-D0: Improved propellor guard patent, GB-8801236-D0: Method & apparatus for calibrating permanent magnets patent, GB-8801521-D0: Time marked/incoded video tape patent, GB-8801742-D0: Pin & socket terminal patent, GB-8802086-D0: Creamy scouring compositions patent, GB-8802485-D0: Multi-purpose comb structure patent, GB-8802510-D0: Marine structure patent, GB-8802955-D0: Clocks patent, GB-8803990-D0: Braking of electric motors patent, GB-8804327-D0: Vhm/fm sound broadcasting system with transmission of radio data signals & receiver for receiving radio data signals patent, GB-8807313-D0: Improvements in sun canopies patent, GB-8807351-D0: Toothbrushes patent, GB-8808053-D0: Improvements in methods of producing helical thread in metal tubes patent, GB-8809156-D0: Am3z motor patent, GB-8809760-D0: Partitioning system patent, GB-8809766-D0: Electroluminescent panel with switch & drive circuit therefor patent, GB-8809945-D0: Pneumatic control system patent, GB-8810579-D0: Cases patent, GB-8810687-D0: Organic photoconductor patent, GB-8810739-D0: Multi-output feedback amplifier patent, GB-8811284-D0: Containers & container closures & covers patent, GB-8811571-D0: Connection structure of high-voltage wiring for automobile engine patent, GB-8811608-D0: Detecting disease susceptibility patent, GB-8812839-D0: Protective mitts patent, GB-8812986-D0: Twist bar angling bank stick patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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