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GB-8503006-D0: Cycle motor drive device patent, GB-8503635-D0: Rest patent, GB-8503760-D0: Passenger compartment patent, GB-8503769-D0: Computer signal generating system patent, GB-8503786-D0: Safety means patent, GB-8503843-D0: Portable mast step ladder patent, GB-8506807-D0: Plain bearings patent, GB-8507157-D0: Constructing surfaced area patent, GB-8508236-D0: Curtain tracks patent, GB-8508694-D0: Machine for making holes in ground patent, GB-8509833-D0: Horizontal linearity correction circuit patent, GB-8510446-D0: Fats patent, GB-8510530-D0: Cordless telephone patent, GB-8511407-D0: Power tools patent, US-6428763-B1: Process for the production of iron carbide from iron oxide using external sources of carbon monoxide patent, GB-8511681-D0: Dry heat pump patent, GB-8511792-D0: Controlling relay patent, GB-8511850-D0: Label patent, GB-8512032-D0: Downhole retrievable drill bit patent, GB-8512105-D0: Hay corner patent, GB-8513034-D0: Panel ceiling structure patent, GB-8513092-D0: Buckle patent, GB-8516102-D0: Tilting bench assembly patent, GB-8516399-D0: Air piston & cylinder device patent, GB-8517000-D0: Servicing gas turbines patent, GB-8517309-D0: Cutting reproduction images patent, GB-8518399-D0: Treating rock patent, GB-8518479-D0: Commutators patent, GB-8518616-D0: Thermoplastic elastomer blends patent, GB-8519509-D0: Gaming machine patent, GB-8519747-D0: Software build control tool patent, GB-8520515-D0: Screw fastening patent, GB-8520563-D0: Timber planing machines patent, GB-8520684-D0: Reducing metallic oxide to metallized material patent, GB-8521408-D0: Woven fabrics patent, GB-8521672-D0: Data processing device patent, GB-8521788-D0: Vibrational gyroscope patent, GB-8521858-D0: Toilet paper patent, GB-8521965-D0: Express coffee machine patent, GB-8522130-D0: Electro optical aiming device patent, GB-8522177-D0: Repair method patent, GB-8522893-D0: Riser position indication apparatus patent, GB-8523468-D0: Clutch cover patent, GB-8524818-D0: Preservation of animal hides patent, GB-8524881-D0: Rolling metal workpiece patent, GB-8525023-D0: Optical homodyne detection patent, GB-8525076-D0: Pressurised container button assembly patent, GB-8526304-D0: Rail for running vehicle along golf course patent, GB-8526744-D0: Optical fibre cutting tool patent, GB-8527358-D0: Transporter patent, GB-8528410-D0: Removal of hydrogen sulphide from gaseous mixtures patent, GB-8528537-D0: Collapsible shelter & cover patent, GB-8529516-D0: De-acceleration & throttle control device patent, GB-8529887-D0: Shelter for trees patent, GB-8530418-D0: Drive transmission devices patent, GB-8530810-D0: Straw spreading machine patent, GB-8531670-D0: Ducted flow leak detection patent, GB-8531711-D0: Securing inserts patent, GB-8600048-D0: Toy patent, GB-8600361-D0: Envelope patent, GB-8600808-D0: Rivets patent, GB-8601465-D0: Mechanical to electrical transducers patent, GB-8601699-D0: Actuator patent, GB-8603271-D0: Pharmaceutical preparations patent, GB-8603672-D0: Reducing splice loss between dissimilar fibres patent, GB-8604239-D0: Antiviral compounds patent, GB-8604589-D0: Reinforced profile members patent, GB-8604735-D0: Distributed switching system patent, GB-8605328-D0: Sampling contents of pipes patent, GB-8606076-D0: Filter device patent, GB-8606256-D0: Marking patterns patent, GB-8607531-D0: Container patent, GB-8608057-D0: Breathing apparatus patent, GB-8610545-D0: Compounds patent, GB-8610996-D0: Vent lock patent, GB-8611159-D0: De-odouriser patent, GB-8611912-D0: Fuel control system for gas turbine engine reheat apparatus patent, GB-8613735-D0: Semiconductor clamp assembly patent, GB-8613894-D0: Optical signal processing patent, GB-8614693-D0: Data processing system patent, GB-8615502-D0: Temperature measuring patent, GB-8616336-D0: Glutamate antagonists patent, GB-8616983-D0: Discharge rapping patent, GB-8617135-D0: Individual tree guards patent, GB-8618365-D0: Measuring flow of fluid patent, GB-8618641-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-8618647-D0: Radar patent, GB-8619497-D0: Electronic tester patent, GB-8620288-D0: Integrated circuit devices patent, GB-8620582-D0: Steelwork joints patent, GB-8620641-D0: Aerosol valve actuator patent, GB-8620649-D0: Discharge of defrost water patent, GB-8621156-D0: Adjustable smokers mouthpiece patent, GB-8621263-D0: Proton catalysed reactions patent, GB-8621625-D0: Gear-shift lever patent, GB-8622340-D0: Nasal applicator patent, GB-8622959-D0: Chemical compositions patent, GB-8623422-D0: Frequency alignment circuit & synthesizer patent, GB-8623445-D0: Construction of vaults patent, GB-8623970-D0: Coupling device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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