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GB-8320728-D0: Protective pad patent, GB-8321038-D0: Rotary seal assembly patent, GB-8321238-D0: Apparatus for visual imaging patent, GB-8323363-D0: Electric cable gripping device patent, GB-8323977-D0: Apparatus for fixing signs patent, GB-8324042-D0: Permanent and demountable tensioned membrane structures patent, GB-8324712-D0: Cathode ray tube display systems patent, GB-8325435-D0: Combination stud driving tool patent, GB-8326140-D0: Multi-layer drawn plastic vessel patent, GB-8327383-D0: Concentrating aqueous beta-lactam antibiotic solution patent, GB-8327406-D0: Electrical signal mixing device patent, GB-8328069-D0: Applying granulate on all sides of surface of body patent, GB-8328107-D0: Decelerometer patent, GB-8328193-D0: Protection of electronic components patent, GB-8328585-D0: Infrared objective lens assembly patent, GB-8328909-D0: Manufacturing pattern-bearing article patent, GB-8328988-D0: Supporting means patent, GB-8329026-D0: Projectiles patent, GB-8329676-D0: Travelling-wire edm method patent, GB-8330255-D0: Vibrator patent, GB-8330591-D0: Hydraulic system for aircraft patent, GB-8330756-D0: Controlling temperature of intake air to ic engine patent, GB-8331261-D0: Handling of biscuits & c laminar articles patent, GB-8331458-D0: Adjustable depth gauge for hand drills patent, GB-8331765-D0: Crossword challenge game patent, GB-8331949-D0: Temperature detector patent, GB-8333026-D0: Measurement unit determining gas flow through conduit patent, GB-8333825-D0: Energy stores patent, GB-8333998-D0: Ac solid state relay circuit patent, GB-8334447-D0: Sprayer nozzle patent, GB-8334548-D0: Magnetic video recording apparatus patent, GB-8400232-D0: Transformers patent, GB-8400283-D0: Combination waterhosepipe attachment patent, GB-8401093-D0: Cephem compounds patent, GB-8401203-D0: Web processing patent, GB-8401558-D0: Bilevel ultraviolet resist system patent, GB-8401968-D0: Dispensing device patent, GB-8402349-D0: Alkene derivatives patent, GB-8403676-D0: Stopvalve installations patent, GB-8404066-D0: False twisting apparatus patent, GB-8404731-D0: Cork knife cleaning apparatus patent, GB-8405095-D0: Propulsion of toy/model boats patent, GB-8405415-D0: Ostomy appliance patent, GB-8405900-D0: Azoles preparation patent, GB-8405968-D0: Laying flexible drainage pipes in trenched ground patent, GB-8406056-D0: Shackles patent, GB-8406343-D0: Forming joint patent, GB-8406487-D0: Snack product patent, GB-8406961-D0: Prepacked well screen and casing assembly patent, GB-8407231-D0: Measuring hydrocarbon content in liquid patent, GB-8408702-D0: Electrolytic oxidation of manganous ion patent, GB-8409020-D0: Vulcanising retreaded tyres patent, GB-8411313-D0: Determining allied stress patent, GB-8412392-D0: Processing output signals patent, GB-8413026-D0: Synthetic yarn-reinforced flexible webs patent, GB-8413204-D0: Silicone conformal coatings patent, GB-8413428-D0: Curing and drying refractory materials patent, GB-8413721-D0: Security system label patent, GB-8414375-D0: Set of nested dolls patent, GB-8414388-D0: Processing stereophonic signal patent, GB-8415593-D0: Threshing procedure in leaf tobacco cutting patent, GB-8415773-D0: Securing components to springs patent, GB-8416012-D0: Monitoring fluctuating physical variables patent, GB-8416649-D0: Active compounds patent, GB-8417002-D0: Ic engine patent, GB-8417094-D0: Sound activated light switch patent, GB-8417635-D0: Integrated structure microcomputer patent, GB-8417661-D0: Data transmission system patent, GB-8418630-D0: Fibre optic sensors patent, GB-8419340-D0: Seat belt patent, GB-8419376-D0: Angular implant device patent, GB-8419542-D0: Underslung-bearing load-spreading handle patent, GB-8420444-D0: Additional identification vehicle indicators patent, GB-8420532-D0: Tank washers patent, GB-8421089-D0: Vane compressor patent, GB-8421581-D0: Joining/cutting laminar workpieces patent, GB-8421918-D0: Selective adsorption of carbon dioxide patent, GB-8422066-D0: Electrical components patent, GB-8422208-D0: Colour printing data generation patent, GB-8422537-D0: Securing alloy section to body patent, GB-8422935-D0: Bilirubin oxidase patent, GB-8423006-D0: Production of electronic digital image information patent, GB-8423318-D0: Alkali-resistant refractory compositions patent, GB-8423475-D0: Minimization of harmonic contents patent, GB-8423649-D0: Safety valve patent, GB-8426027-D0: Transmission device patent, GB-8427079-D0: Tapping machine patent, GB-8427127-D0: Modulator elevator operational control system patent, GB-8427286-D0: Controlling gas flow into fluidised beds patent, GB-8427764-D0: Plastics foam cushions patent, GB-8429060-D0: Variable capacitor and band pass filter patent, GB-8429409-D0: Thermal treatment of hydrocarbon charges patent, GB-8429884-D0: Switching mechanism patent, GB-8430323-D0: Combustors patent, GB-8431635-D0: Central buffer coupling patent, GB-8432509-D0: Tea product patent, GB-8500349-D0: Quick fill type master cylinder patent, GB-8501957-D0: Computer programme copying aid patent, GB-8502094-D0: Electric kettles patent, GB-8502418-D0: Microwave oven patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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