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GB-201012684-D0: Pressurised gas and power generation apparatus patent, GB-201013581-D0: Coating composition and method for forming coating film patent, GB-201014856-D0: Concept 31 patent, GB-201015138-D0: Method of controlling multiple featured within a computer game by an external means patent, GB-201015179-D0: Rib boarder patent, GB-201016247-D0: Bicycle frame patent, GB-201016585-D0: Key ring maker patent, GB-201017164-D0: An interdental device patent, GB-201017674-D0: Synergistic growth factor composition patent, GB-201017988-D0: Chemical process patent, GB-201018185-D0: Wing tip device attachment apparatus and method patent, GB-201018761-D0: Electrical machine patent, GB-201019905-D0: A system for finding website invitation cueing keywords and for attribute-based generation of invitation-cueing instructions patent, GB-201020223-D0: Barrier apparatus patent, GB-201020384-D0: Kraftfahrzeug und karosseirebodenstruktur fur das kraftfahrzrug patent, GB-201020749-D0: Cushioned packaging materials patent, GB-201020765-D0: Integrated drawing tool patent, GB-201020825-D0: Tirque sub for use with top drive patent, GB-201100863-D0: Agrochemical concentrates patent, GB-201102371-D0: Snapshot management method, snapshot management apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium patent, GB-201103007-D0: System, device and method for securing a device component patent, GB-201105890-D0: Water heating system and methods of providing hot water patent, GB-201106380-D0: An apparatus, method, computer program and user interface patent, GB-201106461-D0: New lossless data compression methods patent, GB-201106683-D0: A support device patent, GB-201107147-D0: Novel polypeptides and use thereof patent, GB-201107955-D0: Acidic mine water remediation patent, GB-201108123-D0: Magnetically coupled safety valve with satellite outer magnets patent, GB-201108134-D0: Maskless nanotemplating patent, GB-201109368-D0: Eyeliner effect patent, GB-201110801-D0: A prefabricated composite insulation board patent, GB-201110993-D0: System for rearing invertebrates on mixed biodegradable wastes patent, GB-201111437-D0: Product and process patent, GB-201111907-D0: Components of a railway rail fastening assembly patent, GB-201112557-D0: Wellhead tree pressure limiting device patent, GB-201113680-D0: Tool heads patent, GB-201113919-D0: High resolution printing patent, GB-201114557-D0: Concept 4 patent, GB-201114597-D0: Communication system patent, GB-201114828-D0: Ozone generator patent, GB-201114837-D0: Surfboard lock patent, GB-201115214-D0: Influenza virus antibody compositions patent, GB-201116131-D0: Probe patent, GB-201116670-D0: Materials and methods for insulation of conducting fibres, and insulated products patent, GB-201117156-D0: Garden athletics patent, GB-201117197-D0: An elongate strap hanger patent, GB-201117480-D0: Filter patent, GB-201117739-D0: Method of and apparatus for analysis of a sample of biological tissue cells patent, GB-201117806-D0: Re-sampling method and apparatus patent, GB-201117845-D0: Multifunctional tripod and image stabilization system for cameras patent, GB-201118090-D0: Eight-speed automatic gear box patent, GB-201118104-D0: Bin deodoriser and sanitiser patent, GB-201118531-D0: Camera lens structures and display structures for electronic devices patent, GB-201119149-D0: Enclosure device for bone replacement patent, GB-201119494-D0: Method of and apparatus for distributing software objects patent, GB-201119497-D0: Vehicle wheel patent, GB-201121831-D0: Improved metal detector target discrimination in mineralised soils patent, GB-201200042-D0: Camelid primers patent, GB-201200790-D0: Improvements in or relating to staircases patent, GB-201200822-D0: Apparatus and method for performing floating point addition patent, GB-201200895-D0: Subsea equipment patent, GB-201201234-D0: A solar energy capture system patent, GB-201201642-D0: Improvements in and relating to systems for directing communication devices and corresponding method patent, GB-201201649-D0: Graphene polymer composite patent, GB-201202578-D0: Dispenser and refill unit and dispensing methods patent, GB-201203349-D0: Protective packaging patent, GB-201203560-D0: Auxiliary cleaning tool assembly and cleaning apparatus having the same patent, GB-201204571-D0: Medical instrument patent, GB-201205036-D0: Therapeutic and diagnostic target patent, GB-201205228-D0: Ground effect load transportation patent, GB-201205951-D0: Cartridge for test apparatus patent, GB-201206365-D0: Zolog intelligent human language interface for business software applications patent, GB-201207422-D0: Cosmetic container patent, GB-201207597-D0: waste collecting device patent, GB-201207986-D0: Illuminating and light treatment system patent, GB-201208368-D0: Lucent waveguide eletromagnetic wave plasma light source patent, GB-201208935-D0: An engine system patent, GB-201209326-D0: Baking pan and method patent, US-6698424-B2: Medical connector for a respiratory assembly patent, GB-201209524-D0: Improvements in or relating to dose dispensing devices patent, GB-201210120-D0: Laser sintered part and method of manufacture patent, GB-201210361-D0: Apparatus and method patent, GB-201210715-D0: Integrated self installing concrete mattress for the prevention of scour around aooshore structures patent, GB-201211214-D0: Hi-hat stand accessory device patent, GB-201211696-D0: Fastener patent, GB-201212432-D0: Walking frame and foot therefor patent, GB-201213064-D0: Fall arrest system safety device patent, GB-201213292-D0: Allocation of agents in a support center to meet service levels of support requests patent, GB-201213419-D0: Method of operating an automotive system patent, GB-201213596-D0: Superhard constructions & method of making same patent, GB-201213829-D0: Phased delivery of publications to subscribers patent, GB-201214012-D0: Concept 35 patent, GB-201214302-D0: Seats patent, GB-201214680-D0: Liquid level detection patent, GB-201215889-D0: User interface for touch-based control input and related method of manufacture patent, GB-201216894-D0: Display substrate patent, GB-201217440-D0: Transitioning between circuit switched calls and video calls patent, GB-201219404-D0: Burner inlet assembly patent, GB-201219476-D0: Improved flow reactor patent, GB-201220207-D0: Diffusible factors patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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