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GB-0415540-D0: Alarm clock device patent, GB-0415657-D0: Method and apparatus for controlling die attach fillet height to reduce die shear stress patent, GB-0415737-D0: Wine box stand/drip catcher patent, GB-0415754-D0: Location updating in communications networks patent, GB-0415969-D0: Portable road barrier patent, GB-0416190-D0: Hard landscaping product and method of manufacture patent, GB-0416340-D0: Safety apparatus patent, GB-0417002-D0: "Display panel having noise shielding structure" patent, GB-0417434-D0: Adaptable necklace patent, GB-0418435-D0: HDAC inhibitors and methods of use thereof patent, GB-0419763-D0: Vehicle or trailer patent, GB-0421179-D0: Metal alloy and its use patent, GB-0421199-D0: Method of manufacturing a tube patent, GB-0421954-D0: Assembly of multi-conduit pipelines patent, GB-0422634-D0: Method of treating skin diseases patent, GB-0423405-D0: Organic compounds patent, GB-0423458-D0: Lower substrate, IPS mode liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same patent, GB-0423493-D0: Optical mousemat patent, GB-0424175-D0: Virtual computing infrastructure patent, GB-0425659-D0: Repair of sewer pipes patent, GB-0426324-D0: Locking device for foldable stand for machine and foldable stand for machine comprising the same patent, GB-0426390-D0: Fungal signalling and metabolic enzymes patent, GB-0426528-D0: Vehicle luggage rack system patent, GB-0427889-D0: Multiple lamp illumination system patent, GB-0428153-D0: Extendible refrigerator patent, GB-0501294-D0: Loading apparatus patent, GB-0501736-D0: Nozzle distribution patent, GB-0501861-D0: Compounds patent, GB-0503169-D0: Heat pumps and compressors patent, GB-0503718-D0: Roof vent patent, GB-0503971-D0: Expandable sandscreens patent, GB-0505506-D0: A sensor system for an in-line inspection tool patent, GB-0507498-D0: Electronic fridge calendar (efc) patent, GB-0507594-D0: Max 2 patent, GB-0508120-D0: Improvements relating to masonary wall support and restraint patent, GB-0508802-D0: Mammalian expression vector comprising the mcmv promoter and first intron of hcmv major immediate early gene patent, GB-0509059-D0: A method for controlling a free piston engine patent, GB-0509337-D0: Controlled baby feeding bottle patent, GB-0510031-D0: A free piston engine patent, GB-0511797-D0: Computer grid patent, GB-0511926-D0: Rope placement pole patent, GB-0512048-D0: A rotary engine patent, GB-0512110-D0: Media player patent, GB-0512337-D0: Mobile equipment with electric power supply control function patent, GB-0512448-D0: Improved seismic method patent, GB-0512829-D0: Video drive scheme for a cholesteric liquid crystal display device patent, GB-0513262-D0: Steering wheel mounted controller patent, GB-0516298-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-0516813-D0: Electronics cooling apparatus patent, GB-0516978-D0: An occupant safety restraint system for a motor vehicle patent, GB-0517707-D0: Method and system for transferring electronic document data patent, GB-0518133-D0: Braking system patent, GB-0518557-D0: Improvements in and relating to safety barriers patent, GB-0518917-D0: Holder for drinks patent, GB-0519455-D0: Adjustable paper tray patent, GB-0519830-D0: A method of baking and icing a cake patent, GB-0519940-D0: Bite indicator patent, GB-0520640-D0: Bonding thermoplastic and elastomeric members patent, GB-0520685-D0: Radio safety cut-out switch patent, GB-0521408-D0: A decorative light switch cover patent, GB-0521544-D0: A system for modifying a rule base for use in processing data patent, GB-0521931-D0: Apparatus for radially expanding and plastically deforming a tubular member patent, GB-0523458-D0: System and method for communication along a wellbore patent, GB-0524431-D0: Improvements in and relating to underwater vessels patent, GB-0524775-D0: Drillable bridge plug patent, GB-0524926-D0: Proximity alarm patent, GB-0525108-D0: Composition patent, GB-0526622-D0: Improvement in and relating to rechargeable battery arrangements patent, GB-0600193-D0: Improvements in and relating to security printing patent, GB-0600353-D0: Material handling patent, GB-0600569-D0: Cash guard patent, GB-0600592-D0: Herbal composition patent, GB-0600988-D0: Laser guided dart patent, GB-0601811-D0: Drilling and riveting patent, GB-0604084-D0: Apparatus for locating an object patent, GB-0604181-D0: Attachment for excavator patent, GB-0604833-D0: Improvement to propeller blades patent, GB-0604907-D0: Pyrolysis apparatus and method patent, GB-0605054-D0: Improvements in rotary controls patent, GB-0605500-D0: Portable door clamp patent, GB-0605607-D0: A method and system for controlling the chemical mechanical polishing by using a sensor signal of a pad conditioner patent, GB-0606003-D0: A Reconfigurable Communications Apparatus patent, GB-0606577-D0: Wireless Communications Device & Operating Method Thereof patent, GB-0606589-D0: Gland for pre-terminated cables patent, GB-0607087-D0: Vaccine patent, GB-0608388-D0: Coating system for protective layer forming material patent, GB-0608743-D0: Combined air freshener and soap dispenser patent, GB-0608941-D0: Methods patent, GB-0609888-D0: Aircraft cabin configuration patent, GB-0610533-D0: High temperature imaging device patent, GB-0610761-D0: A light patent, GB-0612281-D0: Water reservoir filling system patent, GB-0612685-D0: Web transaction processing system patent, GB-0613653-D0: Tissue regeneration repair device patent, GB-0613913-D0: Variable riding position bicycle patent, GB-0613990-D0: Cleaning implement patent, GB-0614123-D0: Injectable medications patent, GB-0614815-D0: Hoof pads for horses and a method of applying them to the hoof patent, GB-0614941-D0: Validating integrity of executable programs in a computing device patent, GB-0615166-D0: Data management for mobile phones patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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