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GB-0305485-D0: Improvements in or relating to a nozzle arrangement patent, GB-0305915-D0: Combined applications patent, GB-0305930-D0: Information recording medium and information processing patent, GB-0306575-D0: Modulators patent, GB-0307938-D0: Water neutraliser patent, GB-0308256-D0: Boot wraps patent, GB-0308637-D0: Personal safety wear providing evidential recording: clothing and miscelaneous patent, GB-0308992-D0: A system for handling data patent, GB-0309194-D0: Method of rotating data in a plurality of processing elements patent, GB-0310589-D0: Wired pipe joint with current-loop inductive couplers patent, GB-0310732-D0: Power assisted pushcart patent, GB-0311365-D0: Digital television broadcast receiver patent, GB-0311456-D0: Novel method patent, GB-0311589-D0: A portable, manually operated tool patent, GB-0312016-D0: Tribological debris analysis system patent, GB-0313099-D0: Communication system,communication unit and methods of scheduling transmissions therein patent, GB-0313786-D0: Wearable control device patent, GB-0314178-D0: Container patent, GB-0314756-D0: Method and apparatus for contact centre resource patent, GB-0314825-D0: Image processing patent, GB-0314987-D0: Improvements in or relating to a chemical injection control system and method for multiple wells patent, GB-0315916-D0: Method and system for the modelling of 3D objects patent, GB-0315949-D0: Mobile radio communications device and method of operation patent, GB-0316358-D0: New uses patent, GB-0316517-D0: Hold-up hose patent, GB-0317043-D0: In- flow fluid sensor patent, GB-0318236-D0: Process patent, GB-0318758-D0: Gravity mass momentum generator patent, GB-0318984-D0: Non slip bathroom tray patent, GB-0319027-D0: Improvements in and relating to textile processing machines patent, GB-0319057-D0: Cleansing sponge patent, GB-0319487-D0: Digital data transmitter patent, GB-0320070-D0: Electrical power jack patent, GB-0320104-D0: Sheep restraint device patent, GB-0320704-D0: Improvements in engine emissions patent, GB-0320742-D0: Gaming device having alternating display patent, GB-0322079-D0: Beverage cans patent, GB-0322199-D0: Personal tagging system patent, GB-0322289-D0: Cost per page indication patent, GB-0322409-D0: Quinazoline derivatives patent, GB-0322844-D0: A method system and computer program for retrieving data patent, GB-0323083-D0: Paging in a mobile communications system patent, GB-0323245-D0: Soft handover techniques patent, GB-0323382-D0: Dispensing unit patent, GB-0324806-D0: Display device for game machine patent, GB-0325564-D0: Invisible ZC and keyboard menu control patent, GB-0325699-D0: Stratospheric lighter than air vehicle patent, GB-0325720-D0: Apparatus at a spinning preparation machine for measuring spacings at card top clothings patent, GB-0325817-D0: Method and apparatus for assessing polypeptide aggregation patent, GB-0326297-D0: Systems and methods of automatic recovery for disabled printers patent, GB-0326663-D0: Packet-switched network and network switches having a network layer forwarding action performed by data link switching patent, GB-0327339-D0: Inspection apparatus and method patent, GB-0327613-D0: Fence post extender patent, GB-0327836-D0: Body fat digester patent, GB-0328082-D0: Semiconductor laser with integrated heating element and method of manufacturing same patent, GB-0328615-D0: Method and apparatus for data synchronization patent, GB-0329298-D0: Laryngeal mask assemblies patent, GB-0329829-D0: Rotor mounting assembly patent, GB-0329994-D0: A novel medicament patent, GB-0400296-D0: Reclosable fasteners for plastics bags and the like patent, GB-0400536-D0: Electric vehicle propulsion system patent, GB-0400537-D0: Le beanock/the beanock patent, GB-0400785-D0: Bookmark patent, GB-0400826-D0: Amphibious vehicle patent, GB-0400912-D0: Fluid retention barrier element and assembly patent, GB-0400921-D0: Telephone development 26 patent, GB-0400983-D0: Milking equipment patent, GB-0401000-D0: Printing methods and apparatus patent, GB-0402006-D0: Liquid crystal materials patent, GB-0402370-D0: Photstructurable body and process for treating glass and/or a glass-ceramic patent, GB-0402438-D0: Integrated wheel end for a wheel suspension of a motor vehicle patent, GB-0402813-D0: Kitchen media holder patent, GB-0402827-D0: Wireless transmission control patent, GB-0403078-D0: Safety device for a tractor/trailer unit patent, GB-0403212-D0: Bus communicator patent, GB-0403758-D0: Standalone memory device and system and method using such device patent, GB-0404612-D0: Babysafe knife patent, GB-0405569-D0: Venations - horizontal axis generating turbine blades, ridges patent, GB-0406051-D0: Electric toothbrush patent, GB-0406157-D0: Function calling mechanism patent, GB-0407460-D0: Improvements relating to pointing devices patent, GB-0407684-D0: Muggar buster patent, GB-0408579-D0: House numbers patent, GB-0408593-D0: Method for identifying and quantifying characteristics of seeds and other small objects patent, GB-0409383-D0: Improvements in latches/locks patent, GB-0409642-D0: Package for odorant compositions patent, GB-0409753-D0: Method for operating injection molding apparatus patent, GB-0410159-D0: Battery charger and assembly patent, GB-0410451-D0: Teddy bed patent, GB-0410959-D0: Rolaword patent, GB-0411341-D0: Device for withdrawing cork from a bottle patent, GB-0411463-D0: Thin layer composite membrane patent, GB-0412183-D0: A method for hardening at a surface a component patent, GB-0412275-D0: A rotary valve internal combustion engine and seal arrangement patent, GB-0412510-D0: Internalized component for fuel tanks patent, GB-0413299-D0: Public information point patent, GB-0413314-D0: DJ hard disc system patent, GB-0413467-D0: Temporary block patent, GB-0414741-D0: The snake dispenser patent, GB-0415360-D0: Contact arrangement in the case of an electrical plug-in connection patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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